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Purposive is an independent consultancy by Belinda Ju. 

Belinda is passionate about promoting human flourishing by combining professional, personal, creative, and spiritual development.  She is an executive coach, product consultant, and fundraising consultant for founders of early-stage, mission-driven startups.  She is a dancer who has performed at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), writer who has read at Carnegie Hall, and convener of a meditation community.

Belinda is an executive coach for founders of early-stage, mission-driven startups.  She is a product consultant for early- and growth-stage startups build their MVP, get to product-market fit, and establish a healthy product organization.  She is a fundraising consultant helping founders raise their pre-seed or seed round.  She has experience in product management, venture capital, and impact investing.

Belinda created and taught Stanford's first course on Women & Entrepreneurship, co-founded the first design thinking firm in Taiwan, and is a featured case study in the book, Designing Your Life.  She has spoken at Adobe Creative Jams at IBM, Columbia University, Fordham University, and Launch X (teaching fundraising to female startup CEOs).  Belinda also serves as a selection judge and mentor for Venture for America and the Mentor Capital Network.

While in school, Belinda worked at the world’s second largest community foundation, and nonprofits/NGO's in the Bay Area, Bolivia, Burundi, Kenya, and South Africa.  She published research articles on neuroscience and African educational policy, conducted social science research in Nairobi and Cape Town (and later, the Lower East Side), and conducted science research in labs with a laser and another with a scanning tunneling microscope.  She studied art and architecture across LA, England, and China.  Having taken classes in 30 departments and studied on 5 continents, Belinda holds a BA and MS from Stanford University and is an alum of the School of Engineering and Hasso Plattner Institute of Design ("").

For the nitty gritty, check out her LinkedIn.

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