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Every elite athlete has a coach.



I work with founders of early-stage, mission-driven startups.  I help them gain clarity around business problems and inflection points in their leadership and business's growth.

Building a business can be intense and all-consuming.  You're in the belly of the beast, and every day is another fight, another fire.  You're moving a mile a minute, and it can be hard to focus on the important, big ticket items instead of the infinite checklist of urgent ones.  It's lonely at the top — there's no one you can go to for unbiased counsel, and everyone has their own agenda for what you should do.  Plus, we all have blind spots and unconscious patterns of decisionmaking.  I can offer an unbiased, outside perspective to clarify your toughest problems.  My job is to help you develop greater awareness, realize new possibilities, shift into new modes of thinking, and ultimately become a more effective leader.

"Two-thirds of CEOs don't receive any outside advice on their leadership skills, and yet almost all would be receptive to suggestions from a coach," according to the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  With the right coach, an elite athlete is able to achieve their full potential.  Likewise, no leader should have to go at it alone.


“transformational for the company, and for me as CEO”

“Elucd's work with Belinda was transformational for the company, and for me as CEO. She was a valuable coach to me, personally, as a CEO who didn't have product leadership experience. She was quickly able to cut to the heart of the matter, practical about solutions or approaches being appropriate for our stage, and had a nuanced understanding of the careful balancing act required to successfully run an early-stage startup. She was a real catalyst for our company and my capabilities as CEO, and I would jump at the chance to work with her again in a similar context.”

- Michael Simon, CEO/founder of Elucd (YC)

“Without fail, I have come out of every session learning something new.”

“Any startup founder worth their weight will attest to the gamut of emotions that building a company will throw at you.  Belinda's toolkit as an executive coach has an unbelievable complexity to it: compassion to provide support through rock bottom (like almost quitting your company); savvyness to understand your team dynamics and how to create high performing teams; and, emotional intelligence to strengthen your relationship with your co-founder.  It takes a very skilled coach to consistently take whatever nonsense you're rambling, navigate you through your own line of thinking, and help hone that energy into clear actionable strategies.  I wholeheartedly recommend Belinda to any startup founders.  Without fail, I have come out of every session learning something new.”

- Kevin Wu and Andy Lee, cofounders of Basis Board (YC)

Belinda has been critical to our company’s success.

“Belinda has been critical to our company's success. Working with her helped us clarify ... our company’s vision and direction in general. Even as a repeat founder with a previously successful exit, I believe that Midgame would’ve been completely lost and meandering without her expertise and guidance.  She helped us gain the strongest possible base to stand on to take our company to the next level.”

- Wayne Gerard, CTO/Cofounder, Techstars founder with two exits

create significant value for customers

Belinda approaches organizations, teams, and products with the utmost thoughtfulness, care, and rigor. She is able to analyze new situations, and provide a strategic roadmap & vision to create significant value for customers. She also is able to step back and analyze the company's product process with a sharpened look at 'how might we' do things in a more refined way as it matures its internal processes for scaling. It was an absolute joy to partner with Belinda.

- David Gelbard, CEO of Parachute Health

“Every early-stage founder should have someone like her in their corner.”

“Every early-stage founder should have someone like her in their corner.”

- Jason Shen, CEO/Cofounder, YC and Techstars founder with two exits


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