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Build products users love and a healthy product team.





  • Are the product leader for your company but you don’t have previous product experience and you’re cobbling together a self-education while simultaneously trying to lead your team and build a product

  • Hired a junior PM but don't have the bandwidth to onboard or develop them in product


  • Can help you build the product discipline, education, and habit within your team.  This includes building out the fundamental product processes and philosophies from zero to one.  People have likened this to getting a “classical” education.

  • Will be your product "steroids," pairing with your PM just like ThoughtWorks or Pivotal consultants do pair programming with their clients' engineers.




  • Read somewhere that OKR’s are a good thing to do and bought the O’Reilly book, but it’s not been going so great

  • Know what you’re building this week or sprint or month, but beyond that it gets fuzzy

  • Know that defining the minimum viable product (MVP) would be important, but have a hard time translating that to a clear, actionable scope of what that looks like

  • Don't know what your MAU is, or what to do about it


  • Set meaningful, actionable, motivating goals for your team that ensures alignment across all stakeholders

  • Build you a product roadmap

  • Define your MVP strategy

  • Define success, and instrument the top product metrics you should keep track of




  • Are fuzzy on who your users are and why they’re using your product

  • Are building what your users / sales team / CEO is asking for but still no one’s using your product

  • Want your product to be a mission-critical tool for your users, but right now it’s just interesting


  • Identify problems your users are facing that you can solve for them

  • Recommend the most impactful opportunities to grow your product

  • Define the personas that your faceless users break down into, and their differing needs


“Belinda is a world class product thinker and coach.”

“Belinda is a world class product thinker and coach.  In my experience, there are many 'checkbox' product coaches you want to avoid – ones who provide the same framework for prioritizing features, managing teams, and best practices for measuring success.  Belinda is a coach who avoids boiler-plate thinking like the plague.  The best coaches do not tell you answers and the best way of doing things, but rather guide you to define a unique style that works for you.  Belinda's coaching sessions are a masterclass on uncovering your own reasoning, developing your own frameworks, and leveling up your critical thinking as a product leader.  Each discussion evolves into a lesson carefully crafted for your situation – yet they are nuanced enough that you'll find yourself referring back to them as a foundation to answer any question.”

- Kevin Wu and Andy Lee, cofounders of Basis Board (YC)

“transformational for the company, and for me as CEO”

“Elucd’s work with Belinda was transformational for the company, and for me as CEO. We were introduced at a time when we had some exciting early traction, an exceptionally talented technical team lacking experience in the discipline of product, and a growing sense that we were a long way from finding product-market fit; with no stage-appropriate process to get there.


She quickly helped us diagnose the problem, and find the opportunity to most straightforwardly go from zero to one in a product process that made sense for us — getting us ‘un-stuck,’ and rapidly accelerating the delivery of value to our users. Within a few weeks, we were conducting meaningful and systematic user research, validating the investments of our engineering resources in creating new features, and running effective product meetings that gave our team confidence in where we were headed.

Working with Belinda was a pleasure. She was a valuable coach to me, personally, as a CEO who didn’t have product leadership experience. She was quickly able to cut to the heart of the matter, practical about solutions or approaches being appropriate for our stage, and had a nuanced understanding of the careful balancing act required to successfully run an early-stage startup. She was a real catalyst for our company and my capabilities as CEO, and I would jump at the chance to work with her again in a similar context.”

- Michael Simon, CEO/founder of Elucd (YC)

create significant value for customers

Belinda approaches organizations, teams, and products with the utmost thoughtfulness, care, and rigor. She is able to analyze new situations, and provide a strategic roadmap & vision to create significant value for customers. She also is able to step back and analyze the company's product process with a sharpened look at 'how might we' do things in a more refined way as it matures its internal processes for scaling. It was an absolute joy to partner with Belinda.

- David Gelbard, CEO of Parachute Health

“Belinda is the best PM I’ve ever had”

“I can confidently say that Belinda is the best PM I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with in any of my jobs.”

- Chris C.

“best gosh darn Product Manager I’ve ever had”

“Belinda is the best gosh darn Product Manager I’ve ever had”

- Simon K.

“one of the best PMs I’ve worked with”

“Belinda is one of the best PMs I’ve worked with both in terms of quality and quantity of output. She is a very passionate and thoughtful builder of products and teams. Everyone who worked with her loved and respected her. She led two key product initiatives at HT/VTS. You can always trust Belinda to do two things exceptionally well: be incredibly thorough from start to finish in solving the problem and making sure everyone is heard, included, and proud of what they achieve. Belinda is a fantastic PM and I would recommend her to any startup or tech company who has complex problems to solve and cross-functional teams to lead.”

​- Kirk F.

“one of the best things ... for my professional and personal growth”

“Having Belinda as my Product Manager was one of the best things that happened not only for the organization, but for my professional and personal growth. Her professionalism, intelligence and ownership in combination with outstanding interpersonal skills played a big role in the success of the projects we worked together and the team‘s happiness. I believe Belinda’s positive energy, passion and hard work was sensed across the entire organization, keeping us accountable for excellence. She made a significant impact and left a great legacy.”

​- Gustavo M.

“jealous of any product team that gets to have her as their product manager”

“Belinda possesses a rare combination of intelligence, creativity, and focus that enables her to shepherd products from ideation through delivery. As a tech lead, I found her to greatly leverage the technical capabilities of her co-workers and work to ensure everyone’s thoughts and concerns were taken in to consideration. Her focus on learning the needs of her users and formulating clear team goals ensured minimal effort was wasted on building the wrong or bad products. I would personally be jealous of any product team that gets to have her as their product manager.”

​- Nathan H.

“builds products of impeccable quality”

“Belinda is a PM that earns the trust and optimizes the performance of her team, builds strong relationships with users, and as a result builds products of impeccable quality. During her time at Hightower and later VTS, she led cross-functional teams to tackle some of the most complex problems faced by our users and launched successful and well-baked products that drove engagement and stickiness. I highly recommend her to any and all companies looking to level up their product development processes to yield products that customers love.”
​- Jen H.

“PM with integrity”

“Belinda Ju is a product manager who gets the job done—and beyond. She does this by understanding business needs, cultivating open communication within her team, and not being afraid to dig into the details. Belinda is a PM with integrity; when there are competing demands, she does the right thing even if it’s hard. She acts like a founder, and thinks with a bias towards action.”
​- Rebecca L.


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